The Brescia Spring: a district that grows by teaming up

The Brescia Spring: a district that grows by teaming up

They called it the Brescia Spring, but there is still much to be done. A design market that comes of age and a supply chain that, thanks to its networking, becomes robust.

House sales are growing and property values are rising thanks to redevelopment incentives and low mortgages. Construction companies have also started to grow again in number and in volume. These are the figures from the latest real estate list presented at the Brescia Chamber of Commerce.

Can we therefore speak of a Brescian construction district? This is a market that has always been driven by big Milan, and the proximity to the region’s capital has never helped Brescia gain its independence. However, we are in a propitious moment for Brescia and its province, and we are also keeping a keen eye on it as DVision Architecture.

Property and commercial values are certainly lower in the city than in the region’s capital, but as the figures show, they are rising. Some locations in particular, such as Val Camonica, even though it will only be marginally affected by the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic Games, will enjoy many returns in the near future for its top tourist locations. Ponte di Legno has received 25 million euro in funding to expand the ski area, and hoteliers in the area are asking us to intervene to improve the facilities. Ponte di Legno’s Territorial Management Plan is focusing heavily on accommodation, leaving the business of second homes in the background.

Brescia and its territory are growing, thanks also to the leverage coming from outside, even if it still struggles to move on its own feet. However, everyone in the industry is becoming aware of this and we, as Order of Architects of which I am a councillor and vice-president, are also keeping an eye on this change.

As an institution, we have set up an association called Campus Edilizia active in the area, in which all players in the supply chain take part, but also the municipality, the province, and our studies in the area are highlighting the points on which we can force our hand for further development of the construction and design market.

Now we must seize the new opportunities that will present themselves, such as Brescia Capital of Culture, but there is a proviso: you win united and if you manage to team up.

Pietro Bianchi

26 nov 2021

5' min read


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Pietro Bianchi:

Architect. Co-founder DVA. Vicepresident Ordine Architetti Brescia.