With DVArea, architecture becomes a benefit for the first time

With DVArea, architecture becomes a benefit for the first time

Thanks to DVArea, the worlds of architecture and benefit companies merge. DVAarea is in fact the first design company to be established, from day zero, with an emphasis on the environment and community, confirming the social vocation of this discipline.

What are benefit companies?

Benefit companies are those companies which, in the exercise of an economic activity, in addition to the purpose of sharing profits, pursue one or more aims of common benefit and operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner. This model, introduced in Italy in 2016, drawing inspiration from the Benefit Corporations in the USA, is an optimal tool to implement stakeholder governance and enable companies to be ready to face the challenges of the new millennium.
The newly established DVArea has committed that in performing its business it will pursue one or more positive effects, or the reduction of negative effects, on one or more of the following categories: employees, communities and other stakeholders. A three-year implementation plan of activities of common benefit will be drawn up and approved at the end of each financial year for the following one and, more specifically, DVArea will undertake studies and monitoring activities regarding the quality of work, as well as cultural, educational and social and environmental sustainability activities.


The watchword is people at the centre.

In order to implement its corporate goals, DVArea will orient the strategy of its subsidiaries favouring their growth in a context of sustainability. It will stimulate them to be innovators in their markets, developing new operational solutions by improving and facilitating the connection between people and things, creating products and solutions that can improve the environments in which people live and work. It will provide its subsidiaries with guidelines to measure their own path to environmental protection by minimising the impact of their production processes.

DVArea aims to play a reference role for the Brescia and Lombardy area, nurturing synergic paths aimed at fostering the emergence of projects for social and cultural development through targeted relations with non-profit organisations, institutions, foundations, and other entities with which there is a shared intent.

DVArea is an innovative hub in the construction industry, rooted in design and with an eye on ecological and digital transition. New in 2022 is a sustainability division with a focus on European funded design and certification, dedicated to measuring sustainable factors in the built environment.

From the hotel industry, thinking about the new infrastructure for the 2026 Olympics, to new residential complexes with hundreds of dwellings redeveloping disused industrial areas, the mantra is to bring innovation into the supply chain by integrating different competences, to give strength to architecture.

Four areas of intervention.

Design, digital, consulting and investment are the four areas of DVArea where DVision Architecture, DVS dedicated to structures, DVMEP for facilities, Bimfactory for digitisation consulting and again the PDVA consortium come together to deal in a structured manner with orders that require a more dimensionally appropriate task force.